Saturday, October 10, 2009


ive been sick to my stomach for weeks, but i never really noticed until now.
my guts are aching and no matter what i eat, it feels like im hollow
im not sick

all of the things that happen are predetermined and planned out and already layed out in front of us.
i know whats happening, im just afraid to say.
my head is a jailcell right now and im trying to dig out with a spoon.
lets converse and reverse time and go back to when nothing was so overblown or out of context and i was too ignorant or too at peace to feel out of place or so incompetent here.
times been catching up and future is backing up and ive been searching for an escape.

stagnant feelings
rippleless memories

ignorance or childhood is bliss

its all just a scrape on my knee

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