Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Last Days

Last days of no connection
other than immediate presence

No obligations other than Right Now

Our days and nights
are lumped into clusters
of lights and darks

Roads like Pythons, Water like Ice

on four wheels with our senses dulled,

we leave the place where the rocks

are as smooth as porcelain skin

and the water breaks our high

jumps from rock to rock,

praying to make the leap.

too fast on roads too narrow

at least one of us knows where we're going

some sing along

some sleep it off

where to now?

but this is all I ever want


you are a grotesque mandala,

a cycle, endless and reliable,

a perverted version of what

is to be calm and


A Utilization of Resources

with heavy hands
heavy hearts
shaded eyes
we sleep
through the winding hours.
forget your troubles, friend of mine.
our new rituals,
spiritual in a blinded sense,
guide us to a center.
a muse, a tool
to bring us into the ether.
breathe deep; live now and forever, dear friend,
in the celestial ambiance of
what is and what was to
bring it to whatever we may be now.

we open our palms, accepting sight into the fluidity of
the motions of our existence.

i dive with the ghosts of my troubles
into the pools of the collective
and sleep
under the canopy of
disarray and disillusion.
we follow the breadcrumbs of
tangents full of tired rhetoric and
reminders of real world happenings,
with the collective's cautious advice at
our backs.

with a tired soul,
an empty mind,
and light less eyes
I sleep.